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Fast. Flexible.
User friendly.

1Ci offers unique solutions for your business processes with its fast integration model

Speed & Security

Flexible & Scalable

Easy Adaptation & User Friendly

Accurate digital transformations = Efficient time management

Quickly deploy ERP and business management solutions that adapt to industry environments that grow and change with your company. Strengthen your growing business with 1Ci ERP software that can be scaled with your company.


What Do We Offer?

By managing all your processes end-to-end, we try to prevent untimely touches and unexpected problems. Thanks to its platform-independent structure, 1Ci allows you to carry all your company's administrative data with you even when mobile.

All you need is > Internet 

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Tailored Workflows

Unlike conventional ERP software, 1Ci does not mold you. It works in accordance with your processes. 

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All together

You do not need any third party software other than 1Ci in your digital process management. A single platform is all it takes to manage your workflows.

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Customer Support

We are always with you thanks to our end-to-end solutions in your projects. We are now part of your team.

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Smart Automation Solutions

With its user-friendly interface in the management of your digital operations, you can work in production, merchandising, finance, etc. Let 1Ci do your routine reporting and data analysis while managing all your processes. Take a breather yourself.

It was created for producers with producers.

The most important data to increase your productivity is "time". There may be a point in your routine functioning where you need a lot of attention. These can take you away from your focus. 1Ci, on the other hand, allows you to do business without deviating from your focus with All-In One solutions.

All together

Integrated Management

Open source

Meet Our Workflow Solutions


Use All in One Platform Plus, they all come with 1C:Drive and you don't have to pay for them separately.

Manage the entire sales process, including quotation creation, sales invoice, and tax invoice. 
Manage prices, rebates  and create traps.
Manage the operations of your online sales orders by working integrated with your e-commerce website.
Provide contract manufacturing services to other companies.


Ability to create more than 100 ready-to-use reports, custom reports and dashboards
Order profitability calculation
net sales
Profit and loss statement
Temporary trial balance
month-end closing
Calculation of general production expenses

Reporting & Finance

Check production lead time, equipment availability, stock status of materials and components.
Ensure traceability of components and semi-finished products.
Create unique parts and combinations with the product configurator
Identify and plan operations

Production Planning

Do inventory accounting - product variants, cost calculation methods, expiration dates, etc.
FIFO and average stock valuation methods
Track stock by serial number
Sort stocks by shelves and do custom categorization

Stock and Warehouse

It has all the tools to manage all projects, monitor efficiencies, do project analysis. 
Set up project structures and create tasks.
Then monitor the delay stages, progress of stages, stages with late start dates, and all the others in the project.

Project Management

Supports all processes and custom production models, from a simple assembly-disassembly line to complex production processes
Track production orders with their status
Plan material consumption and manage the procurement process
Manage>view, track, assign and share production tasks.
Integrated with your CAD system.

Production Management

Plan raw material and component consumptions
Create supplier price lists
Automate routine orders
Use the claim management and approval mechanism
See the best price for each product by analyzing data from multiple vendors


Operational management accounting, tax accounting, financial accounting and corporate accounting
General ledger accounts management
Simultaneous use of more than one type of accounting
Manage the accounting accounts of all your companies.


Record sales invoices
Track payment statuses and reminders for overdue payments
Save and track payment related documents

Billing and Payment Control

1C:Drive Customization & Applicability Capabilities

Extremely flexible in terms of customization capabilities, the 1C:Drive ERP system allows you to automate even complex or non-standard business processes that make your business unique from the competition.
All thanks to the 1C:Enterprise low-code software development platform that offers a strong and solid technological foundation!
1C:Drive can be seamlessly integrated and tailored to your existing processes and specific business needs, without the need to change your processes or IT infrastructure.
  • Unique workspace and wizards to automate standard customer document processes
  • Integration with electronic banking system
  • Specific printing forms
  • Various database management systems
  • Hardware support > Barcode printers, custom scanners etc.
  • E-Commerce
  • CMS
  • Paying system
  • WMS and CAD systems
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